Ski or Snowboard at Windham Mountain in the Catskills

Day 17 & 18 of snowboarding this winter were done over at Windham Mountain, we were lucky enough to have them host us so we could check it out and share our thoughts with all of you.  It’s been years since I had been there and first time as a parent.  Just over the Rip Van Winkle from the Taconic, under 2 hours from the Brewster area and north on Thruway 87 for the NYC and Rockland, Orange and Ulster families.   We went mid-week and what a smart move that was.  Do you do snowboarding or skiing mid-week? If not you need to now, it will change everything for you!

 Empty, groomed trails ready for us to conquer

First we arrive just before between 9am-930am both days and parked right in front of the lodge. As a parent that was just my first WIN for the day.  Even if we didn’t get that amazing parking, the lots have shuttles and the first lot from the lodge was still walkable if you wanted to.  We walked in and got our passes and then went over to the shop for a quick fix of my daughters board which lost a screw on her toe strap, they helped us immediately.  I actually left my board Tuesday night for a wax and sharpen and grabbed it Wednesday morning before going back on the mountain, $25 well spent. 

 We did it all for the waffles!

Windham just updates and added RFID systems to their lifts. This was part of their 8 MILLION dollar capital investments they did to the mountain this 2018-2019 season. No more checking tickets, saving time on the lift lines.   Just put them on your left side (away from cell phones and credit cards ) and go!  You can buy lift tickets online at a discount and reload your RFID by ding this or use a machine at the mountain.  The first mountain in NY to add such a system, it was great, the lift gates just open up after the scan and GO! 

Mountain Improvements

Other improvements included the Westside 6, a new high speed lift for up to 6 people.  We rode that a ton of times, just one of the 12 lifts Windham has to offer and 54 trails and 6 terrain parks. Mid-week (non holiday is also key) offers practically no lift lines.  We were coming down and riding into the lifts, unbuckling and swoosh RFID buzzed and back on lift in seconds.  We never waited once.  In 2 days we did over 35 runs and 36 miles. We went hard with the little ones.   They also added over 100 snow guns to the mountains, while the base was deep and we had some flurries Wednesday, we didn’t get to experience the snow guns, but the fresh groomed snow and coverage over some small ice let us know they were working.


I really recommend new families checking out mountains mid-week, calling ahead for lessons and having the most pleasurable experience.  Kids can get whiney in the cold, waiting in lines and trying something new.  Having no lines and them being able to just go, go, go is best way. There won’t be time for them to whine. 


 Playing games with dad between runs and waiting for lesson.

Speaking of the little ones, I LOVE refresher lessons, especially at a new mountain.  The kids took a lesson from Ania on their snowboards. They had a 1 hour and 45 minute lesson, and they came back so happy.  They went on trails she showed them and we wouldn’t have done, including some un-groomed ones, worked with them in the terrain park on some jumps. My kids are very experienced and asked to work on the jumps, especially the dare-devil 7year old girl.  While this took place my husband and I also took some runs and I videoed him in the terrain park.  What are wives for?  

 Instructor Ania giving the kids a lesson

In two days we had a lot of fun.  Everyone was super nice and helpful.  The employees at the store were great, we went in for neck protectors, then helmet stickers, a snowboard keychain for my son and dinner recommendations, as well as my board tuning.  If you forget anything, they have.   We will be back for sure next season.  

 Daddy, daughter on the lift to go do some jumps

Mountain Stats

We used the SLOPES app to track our days, in 2 days we 25 runs which were 33.1miles long.  Plus 2 we didn’t grab on the app due to “mom error”.   That’s a lot with young kids but we LOVED the trails and riding, even ending in some snow.

Trails (54): Green-13  Blue-21 Black-20 Terrain Parks-6

Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-4pm & Saturday/Sunday 8am-4pm

Address: 19 Resort Drive  Windham, New York 12496

Visit on Social: websitefacebookinstagram

New to skiing and snowboarding? Check out our starting guide.

 Just hanging out with Daddy.

We loved Windham and cannot wait to get back there this season or next for 19/20!

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