Winter Getaway to the Vermont Outdoors

Escape the hustle and head to Vermont any time of the year, it is always beautiful. We just got back from a winter visit and it even snowed a few inches while we were there too.  Where you can get out and do some much, while still relaxing, unplugging and taking it in? The answer? Vermont!  

 Every winter trip needs a snow break (just watch for yellow!)

We were hosted over a weekend in March at The Wildflower Inn located in Lyndonville also home to Juniper’s Restaurant and SpokeEasy Lounge. Food, drinks and a bed all in one spot- for this mom, that’s winning! We stayed in a converted barn in the Vail Suite which featured 2 bedrooms, 1 and half baths, dining table, large sectional couch and kitchenette area in the two floor suite. Perfect for the two kiddies and my outdoor loving friend from Queens, Stephanie.   There was no TV and guess what the kids survived, they played Uno, War and did have some tablet time, as well as drawing and reading.  

 Kids chatting on one of the games
 Living Room of Vail Suite

Escape to Juniper’s Restaurant for the food!  We ate good, steak, eggs, children menu- Charlotte declared their chicken tenders the best she ever had, and she has had thousands of tenders.  If you are staying at The Wildflower Inn, breakfast is included in your stay.  We loved the Snowman pancakes and belgian waffles with eggs and bacon each morning.   Yum! Perfect feast before heading out each morning

 Snowman Pancake for the kids
 Delicious Cider at the SpokeEasy

The Great Outdoors

Kingdom Cycling & Experiences located across the street from Wildflower Inn and on the Kingdom Trails.  They do bike guides, camps, tours, multi-day trips and more if you are into biking or want to start.  They even have some trips that are in CT, right over the NY border here in Ridgefield. Check out their facebook and website for more details on the local events.  At Kingdom Trails, we were given Tom and Jordan  for the morning. 

 Char ready to take on the Kingdom Trails
 Our crew plus Jim, owner of The Wildflower Inn

Tom took us and Charlotte on the trails first.  Jordan worked with the kids, getting one on a 2 wheeler and hanging with Char after she did 1 part of the trail with us adults on the fat-bike.  Fat-Biking was 100% new to me, while I have seen these bikes I had never been on one.  I will estimate that we did 6-7 miles that day and I am out of shape.  I had to walk up a bunch of the hills and when we went into the woods on the switch backs, yikes, but apparently I became an official fat-biker when I fell off into the deep snow.  The trails were amazing, what a system, and without Tom I would have gotten lost out there for sure.  They have daily groomers and honor system between cross country skiers, snow shoeing people and the shared trails with snow mobiles.  The experience was for sure a first of many.

If you are interested in just getting into this sport or biking in general Mongoose has so many choices for families.  Thanks to Mongoose who provided us with their Fat-Bikes I brought back home, I will go again and also try on the sand this summer too.  They have so many bikes to choose from, between kids everyday bikes, BMX bikes (this mom needs her own) and these awesome fat bikes.  The kids have been using theirs in the woods since getting home. 

 Char and I snow-shoeing in the woods

We also went snow-shoeing on Sunday while up there, another new activity for my daughter and I.  How peaceful and the workout it gives.  Taking in the woods, hills and now.  We may have stopped for some “snow eating breaks” a few times. The kids enjoyed being in the snow and walking around with these shoes on.  My daughter said “anyone can snow shoe even GRANDMA” haha!  It’s true.  

 Our awesome tour guide friends Karl and his family (see the nugget on his back?)

What else can you do while staying at the Wildflower Inn in the Winter- snowboard or ski.  They are located close to Burke Mountain.  We went snowboarding half the day with the kids.  Moms had fun on the mountain while the kids had fun in lessons.  Char took an extreme/freestyle type of lesson for 2 hours, feeling out the mountain and having a guide with her to show her some of the trails in the woods that are usually meant for bikes in the summer.  She LOVED this.   A winter trifecta up in Vermont for our mommy and me trip.  You can see there is so much to do up in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont as they call it.  One place and so many activities around.  We can’t wait to be back!

 Snowboarding at Burke Mtn

How to Contact: 

Wildflower Inn– WebsiteFacebookIG

Kingdom Cycle & Experiences- WebsiteFacebook, IGTwitter

Village Sport Shop Trailside Bike Shop (rentals)- WebsiteFacebook

Thanks to The Wildflower Inn for our stay, Kingdom Cycle & Experiences, Mongoose and Village Sport Shop for the experience all weekend long.  We cannot wait to be back and continue all the new activities we were exposed to and the ones we already know and love. 

Updated 3/2019

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